Since 1984, our firm has been providing quality, personalized
financial guidance to local individuals and businesses. Our
expertise ranges from basic tax management and accounting
services to more in-depth services such as reviews,
compilations, and financial planning.   

Our Mission   
Our mission is to help clients maintain financial viability in the
present while taking a proactive approach to achieve future
goals. Our firm is dedicated to meeting these goals with high
standards of excellence and professionalism.   
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   Michael A. Gugliotti, CPA Principal         203-598-3800 ext 121

  Joe Almeida, CPA Principal        203-598-3800 ext 118
About Us
Kimball, Paris & Gugliotti, P.C.
Our Staff:
  Kim Clement         203-598-3800 ext 114

  Christine Markham                203-598-3800 ext 112

  Amy Gardner, CPA                   203-598-3800 ext 105

  Susan Block               203-598-3800 ext 111
  Donna F. Paris, CPA

  Tony Kimball, CPA                    203-598-3800 ext 107