Here are some websites we think you might find useful
The Internet is an essential resource, but trying to find those
great sites can be a frustrating experience. To save you time,
we've compiled a list of sites that might be of interest to you.
The Internal Revenue Service Refund Status
Using your Social Security number and a copy of your tax
return, you can check the status of your refund here
Contact us:
Connecticut Refund Status
Using your Social Security number  you can check the
status of your Connecticut refund here
Get the Bank Prime Rate
Here you can get the Bank Prime Rate from 1955 thru the
Small Business Administration
Business resource available for small business research
Historical Stock Prices
Get historical prices on stocks so that you can get your
cost basis.
Useful Links
Kimball, Paris & Gugliotti, P.C.
Financial Accounting Standards Board
Governmental Accounting Standards Board
American Institute of Certified Public Accountants
Financial and Health Calculators
Federal Reserve Economic Data (FRED)
This site provided by the Federal Reserve Bank of St.
Louis. Site provides national & international economic &
financial data including daily U.S. Interest rates, exchange
rates, & various business indicators.
2011 CT Tax Calculator
Here you can calculate your 2011 Connecticut Income Tax.
What's My 1099-G amount?
Connecticut no longer mails out 1099-G, click link to get
your amount